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This Is Our Story

At Little Earth, we aim to foster deep connections to the natural world and one another through intentional risk-taking, place-based service-learning, shared adventure, and personal discovery. By encouraging a perspective of mindful curiosity and compassionate vulnerability, we hope to plant the seed for a reverent understanding of self as an intrinsic and vital part of the living ecology of our Little Earth.

When you're caring for yourself, you're caring for the Earth.
And when you're caring for the Earth, you're caring for yourself.

We're all moving so fast...

We don't have to tell you. You already know. You already feel the daily crush of emails, texts, phone calls, and deadlines. You already feel spread thin, disconnected, and in need of a reset.


That's why you're here.


You want to unplug from the chaotic pace of the "real world" and tune in to the rhythms of nature, of your own body. You want to feel whole again, or maybe even for the first time.

We give you room to  b r e a t h e

We at Little Earth believe that there is no greater recipe for healing than allowing your own miraculous body to be at ease in nature.


We believe you need agency in your healing process and plenty of time for yourself.


Our programming layers gentle rejuvenating offerings on top of ample unstructured time for relaxation.


We only truly heal together

Our immune systems extend beyond the boundaries of our skin. When we are in communion with others, and with the more-than-human world, we are creating the best possible conditions for healing to take place.

We strive to foster that sense of community with you, other trip participants, and the living places we inhabit so that all may benefit.

What Makes Us Special


Our guides are certified in several different modalities, from yoga to forest bathing, and have a deep love for the Earth and being in partnership with people on their journeys of healing and self-discovery. 


Seasonally Optimized

At Little Earth, we believe in letting the place guide the experience. We listen to the land, to its inhabitants, to see what they have to offer, and what we can offer in return.

Our locations are chosen based on the very best time of year to experience that place. Whether it's flowers in full bloom, perfect weather, or the migrations of animals, we want our locations to be able to show off their incredible beauty in full force.

Perforated leaf
New Englad Fall Trail
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