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Our Team

We're so proud to introduce you to the beautiful people that make up the Little Earth team. We believe that these guides and teachers are what makes our group special. Each person you see here has a deep and loving relationship with our living world, allowing them to offer unique and magical perspectives on personal practice and relationship to place. Our years of friendship with one another create group chemistry that allows trip participants a deep level of ease and comfort knowing that they are being cared for by a family.


Jonny Rodgers


Forest Therapy Guide

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher



Jonny has been working in outdoor education since 2014 and has run his own outdoor service-learning program for a private school in Los Angeles since 2016. During this time he gained his certification as a yoga instructor (200 RYT), a certificate in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, an award in service-learning from the Educators Consortium on Service-Learning, and in 2021 earned his certification, alongside co-founder Daniel, as a Forest Therapy Guide from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

Jonny's gentle and playful energy, as well as his love and enthusiasm for the more than human world, are infectious, encouraging trip participants to truly awaken to the full experience of being alive on this planet.

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Daniel Kasal

Forest Therapy Guide


Daniel has been planning and facilitating outdoor adventures professionally since 2016. Leveraging his 10 years of experience as a firefighter and Wilderness EMT to ensure the safety and wellness of all participants. He is a certified forest therapy guide whose curiosity and wonder in outdoor spaces is rivaled only by his warmth and good humor.


Daniel's well-grounded energy allows participants to feel safe and secure, opening up pathways for growth and healing.

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Hannah Wenzel

ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher

Certified Herbalist


The Natural world is Hannah's greatest love and fascination, and she feels that her pursuits of yoga, healing foods, and community building are an extension of that.

Hannah works full-time as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles. For Hannah, yoga is an ongoing conversation with our mysterious, miraculous bodies, and our ever-evolving consciousnesses. Yoga helps to bring us back into relationship with ourselves, in all our natural complexity, in order that we may show up more fully in relationship to the world around us. Because every body is unique, you can expect plenty of layers and opportunities to “choose your own adventure” in her classes. Students are encouraged to claim their agency within the practice, seeking out challenges when appropriate, and resting when needed. 

When not in the studio or out on trail, Hannah can often be found tending her garden while surrounded by her two cats and two little dogs. She is a novice herbalist in her second year of training with the School of the Sacred Wild. Additionally, Hannah is in the midst of Doula training with DTI.

Hannah combines her knowledge of herbs and plants with her love of cooking. Hannah's goal is to help everyone to feel considered, nourished, and loved with the food she prepares and serves on program.

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