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Find yourself on this Little Earth of ours


Joshua Tree

The high desert has long been known as a place for growth and healing, and we here at Little Earth have all experienced its quiet power. The stunning geology, fresh desert air, and beautifully strange plant life offer guests the opportunity to connect to their inner child and access their inner wisdom in the vast silences this ancient landscape provides.


Big Sur

Beauty is abundant in the places where environments flow into one another, and there is no better example of this idea than the magical land of Big Sur. Here mountains meet the ocean and waterfalls flow directly into the sea. Weather tucked into a hidden grove of Monterey Cypress or Redwood trees, or sitting on a hillside in a meadow of wildflowers, Big Sur offers wonder at every turn.


The High Sierra

There is no place in California more grandiose in its natural beauty than the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With more wilderness in one mountain range than anyone could hope to explore in one lifetime, the Sierras have it all: giant trees, raging rivers, sweeping vistas, epic waterfalls, and all of this in one place.

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