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Little Earth Adventures

Find Your Self In Nature

Immerse Yourself

At Little Earth, we focus on a shared experience of joyful discovery. We invite each participant to adopt an attitude of playfulness while fostering an embodied experience of self and deepening our connections with the human and more-than-human beings around us.

Whether we're exploring the relationships that exist in our local ecosystem or learning a new skill,  making art or creating new bonds, or even delving into the big questions of life, the nature immersion container provides a space where our most authentic self is welcome to emerge

We weave wellness and nature connection into every trip we run, as we believe that an authentic unfolding of self requires a feeling of ease and comfort that our core principles seek to create.

Jonny Climbing

Mindful Movement

Landon, Shawn, and Milo doing Service_edited.jpg

Giving Back to the Land


Delicious Nutritious Food

Caden with Camera.jpeg

An Element of Discovery

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Time To Play

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Time Alone and Time Together

Get Out There!

Our Mission

To inspire wonder and a sense of belonging through outdoor adventure and service to our Little Earth

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